Whether you are building something from scratch or altering an existing space, Diana can create a design solution that thoughtfully fulfils your requirements.

This section explains:

What are the steps of the design process?

Although each project is slightly different, there are seven key stages you are likely to experience during the design process:

1. Complimentary initial consultation

You will initially consult with Diana to allow you to explain the aims of your project. This appointment is complimentary and usually lasts about an hour.

If you have any information about your property (e.g., floor plans for an existing structure, soil tests, site plans), please bring it along. This can dramatically increase the speed of the design process.

It is also helpful to bring along any inspirational magazine clippings, web images, or photos you have collected. This will help Diana to better understand your style and preferences. If you haven’t found any inspirational images yet, the architecture and home décor sections of Pinterest are a great place to start.

Following your consultation, Diana will provide you with a quote. The quote will also include a contract of work and a payment guide to help with your decision.

2. Site analysis

Once you have signed a contract and paid a deposit, Diana will conduct a site analysis. This involves visiting your site to take photos, examine neighbouring buildings, and check the existing structure (if there is one).

After she has visited your site, Diana will visit your local council to collect any information pertinent to your project (e.g., surveys of your property, sewerage plans, town planning requirements).

3. Sketch floor plans

Once Diana understands your needs and your site, she will develop sketch floor plans. These plans allow you to see a detailed design concept and consider whether it will suit your needs.

4. Elevations

When you have approved your sketch floor plans, Diana will create elevations. This will allow you to see what your finished project will look like from the street, each neighbour’s house and the back yard. For some clients, this will be the end of the design process.

5. Cost indications

Once you have sketch floor plans and elevations, Diana can approach builders in order to estimate much the design will cost to build. She can recommend builders for your project or liaise with builders you prefer.

6. Working drawings

Once an appropriate builder has been sourced, Diana can prepare working drawings for the builder.

7. Contact with consultants

Building a home requires input from a range of professionals beyond the building designer. Diana can coordinate all the consultants you require for your project, including structural engineers, energy efficiency consultants, town planners and certifiers, and soil testers.

How long will the design process take?

As each project is slightly different, the length of the design process varies. Most designs can be completed within four to eight weeks.

Diana usually works on several projects at once. If you have a deadline for your design, please discuss it with her so she can let you know if it’s realistic.

Please note that projects are prioritised in the order that deposits are received.

How much does an individual design cost?

The cost of a design varies according to a wide range of factors. For example, different sites, council rules, and structure complexities can alter the cost.

Diana will provide you with a detailed quote and a payment schedule at your initial consultation so that you are aware of the full design cost up-front.

Diana welcomes the opportunity to consult interstate and overseas. Sites located more than 50km from the Redplan office incur additional travel charges.

Contact Diana today to begin your own design process.