‘My wife and I got quotes from various building designers as the first stage to building our dream house and after meeting with a few people, we decided to go with Diana Keeffe. Though Redplan wasn’t the lowest quote, after meeting with her for a free consultation she had already made improvements to our design while cutting a few thousand dollars in construction cost before we even hired her. We knew she was the one for our dream home and we have no regrets in hiring her since and felt we got significantly more than we paid for. To be honest, amazing is quite an understatement with how we felt about Diana and her services. She was so compassionate, knowledgable, and helpful in every way relating to the designing and pre-construction process of a home. She gave sound advice with her extensive experience and is also known and complimented by local reputable custom home builders.

Every step of the way, Diana took our ideas and improved on them in ways we never thought possible while cutting down unneeded costs altogether. She was bringing our dream home to life in design without blowing our budget. she is also very responsive and tried her best to be available with our tight schedule. I highly recommend seeking Redplan and Diana Keeffe for building design services or advice on designs, as if we ever need a building designer in the future, we will not hesitate to hire her again.’

Private residential client

‘[W]e couldn’t be happier with how our little dream house has come to life. Honestly, not a day goes by that I don’t feel my heart aflutter as I drive down the street and see this gorgeous girl. People literally stop in the street gawking, they ask questions, we get notes in our letterbox and our neighbours whinge that their wives now expect them to renovate too. The ugly duckling is now well and truly a beautiful swan.’

Kylee and Darren
Private residential clients

‘Diana Keeffe of Redplan, who was recommended to me, has done a fabulous job in delivering all that I wanted and more in designing my home. With Diana’s effective listening skills, she well interpreted the features that I wanted in the design and then applied her skills to maximising space and opportunities for natural light and cross-ventilation, with additional features included that set the design apart from the norm. In addition to great design, I was thankful for Diana’s follow-through on a couple of issues with Council. The end result is a house with a high energy-efficiency rating and a very happy owner.’

Private residential clients

‘Our work with Diana Keeffe at Redplan…aimed to divide one house into two. We were thrilled when Diana fast-tracked the implementation of our project, which resulted in many convenient, effective and cost-saving ideas and put our minds at rest that our project was achievable. This was beyond our expectations in terms of cost savings and the speed with which we accomplished our goal.

What we appreciated most about working with Diana was her ability to cut through the predictable politics of the project, keeping everyone happy, and delivering the expected results and then some. Thank you Diana for your patience, understanding and wonderful designs you provided us. We will be recommending your services to all our family, friends and business associates.’

John and Vicki
Private residential clients

‘We are very happy with our house design. Thank you for your unfailing positive attitude and belief that we could get the type of house we wanted onto our awkwardly-shaped block. You were always very patient, kind, approachable and willing to listen to and incorporate our ideas. As a result we feel like this is our house – not merely a house you designed for us. It feels like a collaboration took place and no doubt that’s why we are so happy with the result. Again, Diana, thank you for helping us incorporate our “abstract” ideas into reality.’

Paul and Helen
Private residential clients

‘I thank you for all the time and effort that you have put in to this job. I know that it has taken a lot of time preparation. You have dealt with this in a very professional manner. We look forward to working with you again.’

Angela Smith
Banjo’s Bakehouse, Cleveland

‘Many thanks for all your hard work, advice, sympathetic listening and of course “the plans”, which we love.’

Bob and Sue
Private residential clients

‘We’d like to thank you for the great deal of thought you put into designing our new house. It’s now been just on four months since we moved into our lovely home and we couldn’t be happier with the way the whole house design has worked out for our family. Each time relatives or friends visit, they are amazed at how such a big house seems so cosy and we know it is in the clever design…

All in all, we are thrilled with the way the whole house suits our particular needs and we attribute that solely to your very astute, clever and professional use of design elements.’

Margaret and Chris (plus four children)
Private residential clients

‘Thanks so much Diana. You are a great help and I appreciate your patience with us and your invaluable input… I am very happy to spread the word about how ethical, helpful and hardworking you are.’

Private residential client

‘Thank you once again for your personal follow-up with the certifier. Also for your great original plans which have turned the old house into a very pleasant place to live. Wayne and I often recommend you when people are considering alterations or renovations!’

Private residential client